Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A little bit about me....T.Edge

Hello blog world!

So if you're following me, I guess I should tell you a little about myself. I'm a single mom ... no, scratch that. I'm an ONLY PARENT to the most wonderful 2.5 year old little boy. He saved my life and makes each day worth living! I have a full-time "real job" that I do from home most days, which is a real blessing when it comes to spending time with my son. I am a UNCW Seahawk Alumnus, thus my obsession with all things teal (I promise you will see many teal related posts in the future). A few of my interests that this blog will feature are daily deals (I love getting great products for FREE or CHEAP, and I love passing those deals on to others even more!), crafting, cooking, and finding fun/cheap things to do with the kiddos! I'm also totally in love with shoes and my malti-poo Emma, so expect a few post about them to pop up randomly.

Thanks for being here, I hope you decide to make me a bookmark! Share with your friends. I promise you will find at least one post that will make it all worth it!


Welcome to Livin' on T.Edge!

Thanks for stopping by! This blog is going to become one of your favorite places for daily deals, fun & free activities to do with your kids, craft ideas and just a little bit of my general mommy-induced insanity! I really hope you enjoy, share and come back for more! Your comments are more than welcome and often encouraged. I'm new to this so your feedback will be invaluable! Thanks so much!